Firm Overview

The Law Office of Cy Weiner has offices in Michigan and Illinois. His practice concentrates in personal injury with a primary focus on medical malpractice. The law firm, with 4 highly skilled lawyers, 2 registered nurses, and 5 legal assistants, handles all types of injury cases including workers compensation, social security disability, auto accidents, premises liability, products liability, and general negligence matters.

The Law Office of Cy Weiner has handled mass tort and class action lawsuits, protecting the rights of property owners, minorities and consumers. Corporate polluters, drug manufacturers and medical device makers have been the target of his firm's successful litigation efforts.

Several of the law firm's cases and legal work have achieved national significance and have been featured on Dateline NBC, and one was the subject of an HBO movie.

The firm has represented dozens of plaintiffs in pharmaceutical and medical litigation over the years against manufactures of Vioxx, "FenPhen," Redux, Baycol, Ephedrine, and Sulzer hip implants, among others. The office obtained millions of dollars in compensation for victims of defective drugs and devices.